Bonnet Rouge Gamay Noir brings the revolution back to France. By blending Cru Beaujolais wine together, Bonnet Rouge is disrupting the rigid French wine hierarchy that put classification over taste, and is liberating amazing juice for the people.  Founded by native Burgundian, Manoël Bouchet, Bonnet Rouge seeks to introduce Gamay Noir to a broader audience, eschewing the rigidity of the current system to make wines that are fresh and food-friendly.

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2014 Gamay

Bonnet Rouge Gamay Noir is a classic carbonic wine with bright fruit on the nose and palate and lighter tannins paired with balanced acidity. The aromas on the nose show a tint of ripeness provided by the Cru Beaujolais elements in the wine. The intial attack in the mouth is very floral while the mid-palate shows red fruit brightness.  Firm tension on the back palate underlines the mineral expression of classic Beaujolais.


2014 Cuvée Marianne

Cuveé Marianne starts with a rich strike on the nose and a generous aromatic palate with notes of ripe blackberry, blueberry, and white raspberry flashes.  A round mouth shows some sweetness with firm tannin structure and full-bodied mid-palate. The tannins are perceptible, but not over loaded due to the old vines and a vinification technique that aims to avoid over extraction.  The back palate sustains the expression of this Cru Beaujolais terroir with an outstanding balance between the soil influence and the fruit’s expression. The wine finishes tender and clean.