Black Grenache, Mourvedre and Syrah make up the red wines which have a fine ruby hue, are well-structured and complex aromas of berries and spice. Marselan, a unique cross of Grenache and Cabernet Sauvignon, has clusters with small berries that produce relatively little juice. Muscat de Rivesaltes, made with the two types of Muscat, Alexandria and small berry.

Region: Côtes Catalanes, France |  Winemakers: Corinne Deneufbourg  |  url:

2009 Rivesaltes Grenat Laëtitia

This deeply colored, brown-inflected, maroon wine is mightily pungent on thenose. The wine is forwardly aromatic, with notes ofboysenberry, red plum and bright raspberry. Cookedbrown sugar and caramel integrate with the fresh fruit. The wine is full bodied with moderate acidity.



Yves Falmet, who farms the schistous soils of St Chinian with organic rigour and a real sense of purpose. His vines are 40 years old and this wine is matured in vat. I cultivate my vines by applying true Earth-friendly methods, based on years of experience, observation and reflection leading to a global conception of the environment.

Region: Languedoc, France |  Winemakers: Yves Falmet  |  url:

2015 Cinsault

Silky, medium bodied red, with hints of raspberry and blueberry flavors. This wine also has the rare combination of black pepper and garrigue spices, with  very soft tannins.



A sixth generation wine producer from Champagne, Jean-Louis Denois has brought world-class technique to the sparkling wines of Limoux. An area that has produced sparkling wine for hundreds of years longer than Champagne. Jean-Louis Denois likes to dig out secrets from these intricate elevated wine-lands, and knows every vine in each of his 57 plots. This way, he can watch over his wines and guarantee their quality, while respecting what makes them what they are and his inspiration when he studied in Burgundy: the terroir with that personal touch bringing together balance and elegance, which soon ranked Jean-Louis Denois’ wines among the Languedoc’s most groundbreaking.

Region: Languedoc, France |  Winemakers: Jean Louis Denois  |  url:

Pinot Noir Brut Rosé

Delicate salmon pink colour with fine long-lasting mousse, typical pinot noir strawberry and raspberry aromas. Creamy and refreshing. Not too acidic nor too sweet. Sweet finish without bitter aftertaste.



Out of respect for human life and for the natural character of our vineyards, but also to maximise the pure expression of these fabulous terroirs, we use only natural products to conserve the fertility of our land and to protect its plants. In 2006 we began our first Biodynamic spraying, and since then all of our work in the vines and in the winery have followed cosmic rhythms.

Region: Côtes du Rhône, France |  Winemakers: Vincent Rochette   |  url:

2014 Marius Le Pere Mayeux

Black cherry colour  with ruby tints A distinctive nose of red fruits (cherry, raspberry) , and with hints of peony. Full-bodied and supple, flavour of red fruits with soft and smooth tannins. Very good length with lasting  freshness and taste of red fruit.



Jérôme Despesse is a young energetic winemaker. In 1992 Charles Despesse, Jérôme’s father, was the first to bottle wine at their tiny estate. Before 1992 they sold their wine off in bulk to the cooperative. Today Jérôme does the winemaking, while his father helps in the vineyards. Their vineyards are located at the southern end of Cornas in an area called Les Côtes. More specifically, their vineyards are in Le Craux which is a small, extremely rocky area within Les Côtes. The vines, planted by Jérôme’s grandfather, are next to the vineyards of the well-known producer August Clape. In addition to his great vineyard location, Jérôme is also fortunate to have older vines, planted by his grandfather, that are an average of 50 years old.

Region: Cornas, France  |  Winemakers: Jérôme Despesse  |  url:

2014 Cornas

Simultaneously intense and concentrated, while maintaining exceptional balance. In the nose, black cherry and plum aromas mingle with hints of olive and garrigue spice. In the mouth, rich black raspberry, cherry, cassis, and plum fruit notes are moderated by nice acidity and ripe tannins. The wines of Cornas are generally more well know for their wildness, than for their balance. In this case, Jérôme has done an excellent job of making a sophisticated wine, without sacrificing any of its typicity.