Quinta dos Roques and its co-owned winery, Quinta das Maias, are leading a revolution by producing high quality seriously regarded Portuguese wines that have set the standard for all the rest of the producers. Located at Abrunhosa do Mato (between Nelas and Mangualade), Quinta dos Roques’ 100 acres of winery and vineyards spread out in 12 plots over the 1400-foot elevation of the granitic hills at this center of the Dão wine region. About 75% of the vineyards are devoted to red grape varietals, dominated by Touriga Nacional (40%), followed by Roriz (Tempranillo), Alfrocheiro, Jaen (Mencia), Tinto Cão and Tinta Pinheira. The remaining 25% are white varieties, where Encruzado prevails (40%), followed by Malvasia Fina, Bical & Cercial. Wine production from the Roques vineyards is bottled under Quinta dos Roques or a second label, Quinta do Correio. The Roques labels are devoted to the best selections of each year of harvest, with oak ageing of the red wines.


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2003 Garrafeira

Dark rubi, brilliant, with an intense fruit bouquet reminding wild blackcurrants and pine leaves, spicy and very complex, with vanilla and chocolate notes given by the oak.  On the palate it is very generous, full bodied, very persistent finish, with the astringent characteristic of its youth, foretelling a remarkable ageing due to its great balance between alcohol, acidity, tannins and body.


2012 Red

Ruby color, brilliant, with an intense fruit bouquet reminding wild blackcurrants and pine leaves, with vanilla notes given by the oak. Tannins are just slightly dusty and grippy but rounded as well.


2013 Encruzado

Light straw perfectly clear, with an elegant bouquet of fruits and a slight touch of resin. On palate the first impression is of freshness but immediately we recognize the great structure and complexity of the wine. The finish is very long and persistent.


2011 Malvasia Fina

Quinta dos Roques has about 5 hectares of Malvasia vines which produce this refreshing white. With its bright, clean, subtly floral aromas, and refreshing, mineral driven palate, it may remind you of Italian renditions of this grape variety.


2010 Touriga Nacional

Dark colour, brilliant, the bouquet, characteristic of this variety, has hints of violets, pine needles and red fruits. Chocolate notes given by the oak are present and well balanced with the fruit.  On the palate it is very generous and concentrated with the astringency and firm tannins characteristic of its youth, foretelling a remarkable long ageing.