Domaine Saint-Mitre is a 30 hectare family estate located in Saint Maximin la Sainte Baume, in the Var region. Sustainable, the soils are ploughed and sheeps come to the vineyards in the winter to eat the grass. Chemicals are used as little as possible.

Region: Saint Maximin La Ste. Baume, France |  url:

2016 Papillon Rosé

Very clear rose color; very expressive nose of fresh fruits and minerals; in the mouth the wine is fresh with hints of fruit, with good balance.


2016 Cuvée “M” rosé

Slightly green and citrusy on the nose, with pear drops into the mouth. Subtle pink fruit, clean and refreshing throughout with a little bit of crunch at the end.


2016 Cuvée Clos Madon rosé

Brilliant notes of ripe red berries, sweet citrus, and vine ripened melon deliver pure pleasure on the palate. Medium bodied and just dry enough, this Rose is sure to leave you feeling refreshed and satisfied.


2012 Cuvée “M” Rouge