Jorn Nou

We offer the following range of Altavins wines. We make a variety of wines to suit all possible tastes, but each and every one of them is of the highest quality. Altavins applies strict control standards when buying from vineyards, laying special emphasis on the age and health of the vineyards, and the limited production of grapes. To prevent crushing, the grapes are always harvested by hand and boxed before being sent to the winery.

Our wines include whites made from White Garnacha grapes, which are typical of the Terra Alta and grown in vineyards which are at least 45 years old. Our red wines are made from Cariñena and Red Garnacha grapes, from vineyards established at least 60 years ago. The wines are fruity, with finesse and elegance imbued in them by the wooden casks in which they are stored.

Region: Terra Alta, Spain

2015 Jorn Nou Petit Blanco

Pale yellow colour with green shades. Some apple and banana aromas, some notes of citrus. In the mouth it becomes kind and round with a good acidity. Pairing: aperitif, fish, white meats and salads.


2015 Jorn Nou Petit Tinto

It does show a covered cherry colour, with some purple hints. Intense aroma to red fruits and spicy tinges. In the mouth it is round and velvety. Pairing: appetizer, oily fish, white and red meat.